23.12.2011 – 27.12.2011

Friday 23.12.2011

I didn’t practice on Sport. Irene told me the professor noticed I was telling to Derek (Pr.) the previous day and he said “Aa”, but in positive sense that I “have started to hang out”. We made written work on Macedonian. I gave my writing the last and the professor for the first time called me “Nicky”.


Saturday 24.12.2011

Sarah came to make a Geography project.


Sunday 25.12.2011

200px-Rye_catcherMary called me, but I didn’t answer. I couldn’t answer because I was on the PC and she always asks me “what are you doing”, so to avoid lying I didn’t answer. It later occurred to me the reason for the call – it was the book “The catcher in the rye” – she asked me about it last Sunday. Mary called me again later and again – I didn’t answer. I just got the batteries out of the phone. Yet she didn’t come on my birthday. Let her ask for the book from her boyfriend now.


Monday 26.12.2011

My two written works were A. Mary said I to give her the book after I finish and I had read 60 pages.


Tuesday 27.12.2011

I only approached to 100th page. I was asked Philosophy briefly. Last minute on the last lesson I had displayed a picture of Adele on my school computer. Ka. (full name not deserved) said “Professor you’re very beautiful here.” “Where?” – she asked. “Here” – K. showed towards the monitor. I turned it off. The professor came and said “There’s nothing.” She rushed to leave, but after I turned the screen on, K. said “There is, there is.” I couldn’t do anything this time. Adele saw herself in the photo. She smiled and she left she said “It is on a wedding”. It was over but what would happen tomorrow? Will she say sth to me? I knew I had to finish the quiz in PowerPoint I prepared for her (to see the surprise!). And I did it.


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