Thursday 22.12.2011

2630volley_ballOn the last lesson we received a lovely surprise – our (old) Sport professor appeared. With an entrance as he deserved – first the door opened then a ball rolled on the ground and he came. He said “Only Nick – A”. Derek (Pr.) was the other one who wore a Sport’s outfit. I got A after the gymnastic exercises and the responded questions about sports. I could maybe do it without question but I said I couldn’t do “stand on head” when the professor asked me. If I tried I would have done it, but I wasn’t sure, that was my mistake.

While walking from school Kathy asked me:

-Nikey why didn’t you invite me to your birthday?

-Because you didn’t invite me to yours. I’m returning to you. (quietly:) Renee didn’t invite me either.

-If I had invited you, would you have come?

-I don’t know. I was going to think about it.

-“I was going to think about it.” I asked you then “Will you go out for the weekend”, you said “No”.

-It is different when it comes to birthday. I would have arranged with Barbara. You have even invited Andrea.

-I didn’t invite her.

-I thought so because she said “Sorry, I couldn’t come”. It’s not important.

-Never mind.

Maybe, in fact I didn’t like her because we were very similar and the last two sentences are proof for it.

Thank you Kathy for asking me this. I appreciate it and I don’t consider that as humiliation. You just earned a higher place in my heart.


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