19.12.2011 – 21.19.2011

Monday 19.12.2011

18th_birthday_party_invitation_aqua-r63f742fae5cc4f7dad39bd77e4681357_8dnmv_8byvr_512In a toddler’s eye there are 3 general generations: kids, grown-ups and old people. Where are the transitions (if any)? What is considered as not-a-child? Is the age of 18 crucial for a person to stop being a child according to toddlers? Definitely not. The question now is: Before or after?”

It was my 18th birthday. It was a day after which I couldn’t justify myself with the phrase “I’m still a child!”

I was officially 18. It was the day when I treated the students from my class with “Ti amo” on the class lesson. It was a double occasion: birthday and nameday. When Denise congratulated me she was hesitating about hugging me. She hugged me (I think I got closer). Virginia didn’t hug me. At the last desk (for a wonder) Darryl didn’t hug me. The other guys were talking. E. saw me, and as the others were busy I gave him to take. I gave all the professors we had lessons that day, but Wilma because of the written work. While I was walking to go to Molly I noticed she was smiling, so I smiled even more. Why not to spread the happiness?

Later, after lessons I stayed in the classroom with Andrea.

Home, in the afternoon Michael came saying “Happy after-nameday”. It was an excuse for his coming.


Tuesday 20.12.2011

In the locker room Derek (Zlox) asked me if every year my birthday is on the same day with my nameday. After him, E. asked me sth similar. We finally had a contact!

Later, while I was waiting, an unknown student asked me where for the New Year’s Eve. I said home and he said that if I gathered there will be pussies.


Wednesday 21.19.2011

The blood-giving day.

I gave my place to Denise on Philosophy and she said that I was very good. Sarah asked me where for the New Year’s Eve. S&M (like the last time) along with E. and Kathy went to give blood. I’m sure E. didn’t make the decision on his own. At least someone has told him he/she gave blood. Sarah invited me to give blood. I disagreed. It means losing lessons and sth else…

2 lessons later, I was looking in the hall from the door. I told Irene I wanted to see Adele. She said “Do you like her?” I said “Even if I like her she is married”.

-Does she attract you?

-Yes. She is very beautiful.

-She is.

I couldn’t lie. I did feel something about Adele.


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2 Responses to 19.12.2011 – 21.19.2011

  1. makagutu says:

    I like how you begin, beyond those three a toddler can’t see any difference 🙂

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