Sunday 18.12.2011

The day before my 18th birthday.

I thought that the book “Catcher in the rye” is for elaboration on Tuesday so I mostly spent the day in reading and writing despite my math test the following day. Grandma Rose was still persistent when it comes to Darryl and my birthday. She said that because he was a male he didn’t need much time to prepare, but it was too late to me. I didn’t invite him. Around and after 5 o’clock I waited for Elaine, as she said she would come earlier because of “certain people”. She didn’t appear. At 6:50 p.m. somebody came. It was Barbara. My mum was in the room where we sat. Barbara discussed about her absence, clothes, New Year’s Eve, their Christmas tree, Kathy’s birthday, DVD cartoons etc. Close to 7:30 a group of three girls arrived to my house. Those were: Sarah, Brenda and Tiffany. We spoke about Mary’s absence (Sarah called her on her home phone number to find out she was out (probably coming) from Mary’s mother, and after a while Mary from her mobile phone told Sarah she was out with the Sh’shon – her boyfriend and “Say ‘Happy birthday’ to Nick from me”. She reprised last year about which Barbara said she exposed her when she saw Mary passing with the Sh’shon… Admittedly, there were two versions:

  1. Mary went to visit… (told by Sarah)
  2. Mary had guests (told by Mary)

So I bet Mary isn’t sure about which day is my birthday. I don’t care. She is the only person who has asked me about the size of my …), school (the Maths written work – the possible tasks and Brenda said she worried too much), about going out (they were supposed to have dinner in Zlox next week, I agreed to attend), about the series “Love and punishment”, mum broke a plate, Barbara told she asked Marsha what did her green purse match on, and then…

blue-diamond-ringsBrenda said she was engaged to some basketball player from Skopje. I believed it. He proposed her when he told her he loved her, the ring was with blue diamond and she said we not to tell anyone. She later admitted she lied. It wasn’t her only one. She said she aborted a baby. She was curious about my reaction. What can I say? I can expect anything from her. After Sarah and Barbara left Tiffany surprisingly asked me did I read about sex on Internet. I said “Only if someone publishes on Facebook”. She and Brenda were guessing when it was gonna be my first time (in 10 or 15 years), and they thought I should have a girlfriend with whom I’ll go out with. They didn’t know the “gay thing”. Ironically Brenda was the one who on our first Sport lesson in the gym in the first year said to me: “I know what the problem is. You don’t like girls, you like boys”.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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2 Responses to Sunday 18.12.2011

  1. makagutu says:

    you will go out in the next 10 to 15yrs! That’s a long time to wait especially if you are past 18. What will you be doing till then my friend?

  2. Real real me says:

    No, they meant that I’ll have my first sexual experience in 10 to 15 yrs! That’s because I was very shy. Well I don’t care about sex so much, until then I guess I’ll be socializing myself.

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