05.12.2011, 06.12.2011

Monday – 05.12.2011

Two weeks have passed since mum carried my PC on repair.

It was M.’s birthday.

That morning he left to Skopje on a course for security for a week.

While I was waiting for the bus John came (with his friend “Monkey”). We shook hands and he asked me if I was fine. In fact there were many questions: what did I eat – Bruschette, he recommended me a toast, my marks at school. Then I asked what he studies, what his marks were. I said “Well they are good. There aren’t very bad.” “I must study.” He invited me to sit. He asked me if I had a girlfriend and why not, and if I had a PC and Internet, my Facebook profile, do I play games, did I know the man who passed. When I looked aside there were two people (of which one Cassandra) looking toward my direction. The others must have seen us, but maybe they have thought that we were related considering the age distance of three years. Later, after we stood up he passed with his finger trough the zip of my jacket. This was definitely an achievement for me. My tears and all that pain finally seemed to be worth.

Later, I studied economy.

That evening mum brought the PC back. It had Windows 7 and I was excited about it.



Tuesday – 06.12.2011

On the big break Ashley asked me if I made the project about the global warming. I said my computer was repaired (Barbara immediately reacted with her mouth, but I didn’t look at her because I knew her purpose) and that I’ll do it ‘till tomorrow. I returned to my place and thought if I should have looked at Barbara. I turned around and saw E. and Mary talking. They were holding something photocopied.

-You don’t have to return it to me. I wrote it.

Said Mary, but E. wanted to give it back to her. What was it? It was in A4 format folded in half. Luckily, after the situation Mary was looking at me and simply said “The book.” I turned around. Why didn’t he ask it from me? Was it because I rejected him last time? Or he wanted to make a change? How could it possibly be the book? Didn’t he take it from Melanie yesterday? What was that in the bus? I obviously must have been wrong. E. and Derek (Preevytip) went out of the classroom bringing it. Derek saw I looked at E.. Then I smiled. Few minutes later E. returned it to Mary. However “a thing isn’t a thing, if there aren’t Nick’s fingers mixed into it.” It was my notebook Mary (in fact Tiffany did for her) photocopied from! I wonder if Ethan recognized my handwriting.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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