12.11.2011 – 16.11.2011

Saturday 12.11.2011

I and mum went to grandma’s house. There granddad told me he asked my friend Ethan if I had returned from school. Probably the answer was “Yes”.


Sunday 13.11.2011

I prepared for my written work with mum. Subject: Ecology.


Monday 14.11.2011

14th of November. It was E.’s birthday and I had forgotten about it. Ethan was absent from school. Some students commented he was absent because of his birthday. I thought it was because of the written work the next day. I wanted to say “Happy birthday” from Sarah’s Facebook, unfortunately I didn’t have the permission.

Several years ago last time he celebrated his birthday I was the only invited.


Tuesday 15.11.2011

After getting prepared for 5 issues, we were given to choose what we want on the written work. I choose “Lines of excellence”. I shouldn’t.


Wednesday 16.11.2011

pastrmajlijaDerek’s birthday. He treated the guys from our class pastramajlii. Do you think I was in them? I wasn’t  It was on philosophy and Sarah said to me: “Nick you are the only male. And the professor is female. Why don’t you go?” – “They didn’t call me”. Then Mary called ME. On pizzas. I couldn’t allow to myself an unjustified absence. The thing was we had interrogation philosophy.

Even though I have never had an absence during these 4 years and even though I’m a vegetarian, I want to know do you understand Derek for not inviting me? Even Andy was there. And would you do the same if you were Derek?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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