Tuesday 08.11.2011

We only had philosophy, English and a bit of sport. I gave affirmative answer to Barbara and Diana about going home with taxi so after I changed my clothes Barbara called me to go out few times. But there still were students from our class who didn’t have mark left in the gym. “Nikey, close the door” – said Melanie without positive emotion. Outside Barbara and Diana asked me why I waited “Tell us. We would have called Sarah” (like she wouldn’t have asked). It could have been worse, they could have waited for me longer if I had changed my sweatpants too, but I didn’t because I was afraid that someone from the third year may barge.

Barbara: There wasn’t anyone from our class left who had a mark.

Me: (loud) Tiffany was!

Renee: Don’t shout!

Me: I just answered the questions, Renee.

This “Renee” at the last place showed anger. It was in Bridget (an ex-classmate)’s style and also in Joey’s: “Joey IS stupid, Renata”.

Renee: Don’t yell at me… You are not under my arms.

I didn’t realize what it means. Now I understand it as a threat. I could say something, but I didn’t. She is a woman let her talk. Who was she to say so? She should even be inferior (mindless how strong it is) to me because I have done her school favors, but freedom of speech is OK. Yet, who was she to get involved? I can do everything that I want if I want. So what if I said it louder? Do I harm her in any regard? If I want I can get her naked (yes, violently), it is later her right to do… to take action. A proof that life isn’t fair was given shortly afterwards to me. She, Renee went to give her trainers to her sister Christine who was at the geological school building. So why they rushed me and couldn’t simply say wait for us in front of the “Stokovna”? Do I hear low intelligence? (Sorry Diana, you don’t belong to that group.) Is beauty the only thing that Christine has (because she hasn’t got trainersg4→money)? Most people stopped playing on that card long ago. And even later they went at the well-known and largely mentioned cosmetic shop owner Nick (to pay a debt? <Ha-ha>). We sat in the cab as we used to, I was at the front. In fact the distance with females fits me. I consider it a first step.

When I arrived in Zlox, I saw dad at grandma’s. Michael found out about me and… after his breakfast he visited me.

Between 3:30 and 4:00 Elaine came and told me Barbara told her “Like he’ll let you in” about her coming at my house. And I considered Barbara and Andrea as my only true close female friends. Thank you, Elaine!

She chatted on FB and Skype and I showed her math. She left after seven. Seems like I can’t have a break even when I have only two lessons.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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