04.11.2011 – 07.11.2011

Friday 04.11.2011

We finally put an end to the hardest school week for this school year so far. However I couldn’t be calm because the previous day Elaine said she would come to my place I to practice her math. At the end of the lesson she asked me what happened for later. I told my mum’s suggestion that my cousin Sarah may come and I may not be home. She said “We will arrange later”, but we never did. At 4:15 p.m. I went to my grandma’s house. Elaine didn’t come.


Saturday 05.11.2011

Newnan cemetery 1 29In the morning I, mum and grandma went to the cemetery. Mary’s grandma told that Mary earlier went upstairs-downstairs, now she studied, even her grandma thought they have forgotten the light but Mary was studying.

I was supposed to take a walk, but mum and Marlyn did because I watched TV.

In the afternoon from 3 to 6:30 p.m. Michael (who came along with Marlyn and Sarah) chatted with Alexandra. He said he wanted a wife like her and she finally gave him her number. Meanwhile I was writing English in my notebook.

In the late evening (after 11) Lady Adelle was active on “her” Skype again after “she” found a male contact on Cam4, but this time this guy was straight. I didn’t reveal my name, he was from Bologna and said he was a government official, had a girlfriend whom he have dated for 7 years, he had a cat, was listening to quiet music, thought he was ugly and wanted to see my smile. I said no, refused with Evoca-Skype-Call-Recorder-call-button_screen-shotthe excuse it was our first time and told him I found him on Cam4. On the question “Why”, I stupidly said I wanted to see naked guys. Oh! I forgot the most important detail. He called me and I watched him. I couldn’t watch “The walking dead” (the reason I was awake so late) and I was shivering the whole time. This night I wondered myself for the first time: “Is school indeed the easiest thing in life?”


Sunday 06.11.2011

The first half – I went to grandma’s, the second – I mostly “sat” on Internet.


Monday 07.11.2011

An easy, relaxive day. On the fifth break while I was carrying the chair E. asked me if we had English homework in the workbook. I looked at him and told him “No”. Strangely he was looking at me too.

After the lesson in the bus, Elaine standingly asked me when to come. We arranged that day or the next before 3:30. A male student was commenting sth, probably that I was gay. Elaine told him not to talk like that, that I was her friend. The time he heard 3:30, He said “Very late, he’ll finish the job…”

I found out Darryl said I was the best student.


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