31.10.2011 – 03.11.2011

Monday 31.10.2011

I got 2 A’s – economy and maths.

On a break E. went to the bin to throw a piece of paper, there was Barbara walking too. I looked at them. “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to tell me something?” As you can see, there isn’t a “Nick” in this question, so it wasn’t E., but Barbara.

After school, when we were waiting for the bus I was standing aside from the other students when our ex-music teacher passed. After I quietly said “Good afternoon”, he said to me “Nick why are you standing aside? You call him.” “We call him, he doesn’t want” said the only female in the group – Andrea. Few days ago on her question “Do you want me to talk to you?”, I gave the answer “No”. It was because I wanted to distance from the girls to improve my reputation. “Don’t you want?” was the following thing from Lewis looking at me. I said “I don’t want”, I couldn’t lie. “If he doesn’t want force him” – the teacher ended and continued his way. The event from my perspective? I wanted to wait with them, but nobody from the boys called me. Why she had to say it? Simply because she’s a female – 5249706591_femlogo1_xlargethe gender who speaks a lot. And maybe you’ll think I’m stereotypical and sexist, but I want fast results – I don’t even have a day left from high school. Stereotypical – yes, but I first observe, then make conclusions. Not coincidentally granddad says to grandma “Stop”. Because for example if a young kid who goes in kindergarten chooses a male as his best friend, it doesn’t mean he’s a sexist. Consequently this isn’t sexism too.

In your opinion, what would have happened if Andrea wasn’t there?


Tuesday 01.11.2011

Darryl and Ethan asked me about what lessons are for our philosophy interrogation. I felt calm. Later Darryl hugged me on sport and asked me about English homework. In this afternoon Barbara came I to practice her math.


Wednesday 02.11.2011

…Our management test was delayed for Friday.


Thursday 03.11.2011

I got A on sport, despite I wasn’t sure I’ll make it. The professor said I was hard-working and that I do the thing the school way. Right after that Mary hugged me from the back. I wanted to evict it, so I lifted myself up. Mary’s hands were over my chest and she put them a little down and made a circle. I couldn’t control myself anymore: I smiled and turned around. It was because sometimes I touch “them” at home. Few minutes later (or maybe just one) when I was kneeling next to the bench, I heard the professor saying “You see, that’s the difference between you and Nick. Nick watches and tries and makes it the school way.” I was still laughing for “my boobs and Mary” and didn’t realize who was that referring to. When I saw in front of me, it was E.. I got serious immediately. Not to forget that when I was supposed to do the steps, he gave me the basket. I was amazed for a while when I saw him close to me holding the ball with raised hands and looking at me. Was this a new step in our relationship? He said “Here” while I was still wondering if that ball had us as a target? Will the later event (laughing) affect us?


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