28.10.2011 – 30.10.2011

Friday 28.10.2011

After sport I and E. stayed the last in the locker room. On the way to the door, he was closer and I kind of stopped, but he said “Come on Nick”. I walked. “Will we repeat philosophy?” I answered “Yes”. I guess this was the result from my effort. It is working.

In the afternoon I decided to masturbate, because I found my pajamas wet the previous morning. I wanted to go to the toilet and throw the wet serviettes, but grandma was in the15813914-crumbled-paper-over-white-background yard. I couldn’t wait so I switched the light on to go to the upstairs’ toilet, entered and left the door opened, took some toilet paper when somebody opened the entrance door. I immediately threw “the garbage” in the WC bowl and hurried to see who that was. The first thing I saw was a male figure, so supposedly it was my father, but it was nobody else but Michael. I said I wanted to go to toilet and explained him about my grandma. He insisted I to go to, but I finally did it when he left. Whoosh.


Saturday 29.10.2011

I, mum and grandad walked in the afternoon. Then we went to grandma’s. After that M. came with us.


Sunday 30.10.2011

I wrote in my diary and watched TV. M. had his fourth coming here for this week. He arrived sometime around 2 or 3 pm and sat until 6:30. Towards the end, I took a bath and went to the other room to study logic. There was an electricity interruption after which all of his online FB friends went online and he blamed mum for that. He became angry and went home. Oh, and he said “I won’t come here anymore until I don’t buy a computer to myself”.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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