24.10.2011 – 27.10.2011

Monday 24.10.2011

A day off. Sarah went home. I practiced math and found out that it wasn’t a tree day on Wednesday.


Tuesday 25.10.2011

Philosophy – first lesson. E. was the only one unasked, but he didn’t know the right lessons, so he went back. Then the professor noticed he was never asked and said him to answer, he refused. After the lesson, he returned me the photocopied paper “To give it back to you”. He was looking at it, not at me.

Three breaks later, after English I went to see and read the new ecology project. Mitchell, the housemaster, told me to nail a nail to make the poster straight. He gave me the pliers and he held the nail. I tried with the top, but slowly, not to hurt him. He said “with the right hand” and I: “I’m a left-hander”. I couldn’t – it was worse. Then he saw E. and asked him to do it. Mitchell showed “He’s hammeringcommon_nails_634579987675902689_3 this way”. E. didn’t say anything, just nailed the nail. I watched him and I figured out that the nail was supposed to enter in the wall, not in the stick of the poster. Before leaving, Mitchell smiled to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Then I laughed. It was an intelligent way to use the energy that I had, instead of being nervous. So what? I think it’s normal for a gay not to know how to nail a nail.

I forgot to mention that E. nailed the project on English too. Molly asked him “Do you do stuff like this at home?” I don’t need to write the answer.


Wednesday 26.10.2011

This day… OMG. Math test and philosophy asking. I didn’t know everything philosophy, but the test was easy, I only forgot how to finish an exercise (I helped Andrea with the last).

Grandma Rose and I spoke about friendship. I explained how I molested E.’s family with my phone calls. She said she wanted to ask E.’s mother about why was she angry at her.

Around 18:30 M. came. They chatted for a while.


Thursday 27.10.2011

E. asked English homework from me, but Andrea had it. He told her “After you write, give it to Derek” and left the classroom. Apparently my homework wasn’t very understandable because she looked from the pdf Teacher’s book. I stood up to bring my book to Derek, then I saw Ethan coming. I simply said “Here” and gave him, but he leaned and stretched his arms. I thought he was kidding, but it occurred to me that he had been to the toilet. (Of course he said “thank you” when he gave back to me.)

On the last lesson, sport, Ethan’s basket passed through my feet. I didn’t try to give him, not to notice my effort. While I and Andrea played badminton I hit the ball that went over E.’s head. He said to Andrea “play over there”, but we didn’t move. Minutes later the racket wandered near E. and he gave it to me. Was it because I was closer?

Later I prepared for the economy test and talked to grandma about my prom.


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