08.10.2011 – 12.10.2011

Saturday 08.10.2011

In the afternoon M., Marlyn and Sarah (c.) came to my house. The reason was nothing else but Facebook. M. (actually Sarah) chatted with a girl from Bitola and asked her about her telephone number, but didn’t receive it.

skype_log-100010026-largeIn the night I felt horny and I was seeking a website with online web cameras that show nude males. I found “Cam4”. There I found a Skype address and I created a new Skype profile – ladyadelle1 (Adele – my professor) and he accepted me. During our chat I found out that he’s 28, lives in England, lives with a partner who was in the other room, but I didn’t found out his job. I told him I was male, I was 17, from Macedonia and I didn’t want c2c, but I wanted to watch him. It seemed he had a good personality. My final question to which I didn’t get the answer was “do you believe in God?” sent at 00:01. He wasn’t online anymore. That night I went to bed at 01:50!

Sunday 09.10.2011

Sarah (c.) left home. I studied.

Monday 10.10.2011

The day I was asked logic. I didn’t know the first question well, so I received 4 more questions. I was afraid, but the thought that it was gonna be over, kind of relieved me.

Tuesday 11.10.2011 – A day off school

We couldn’t take a walk because mum was waiting for M. to come. He expected “she” would be online. She was, but immediately went offline. Earlier that day Sarah (from my class) phoned to ask about what “will we do Philosophy tomorrow”. I told her new, but instead of “земеме” (“take”), I said “зеаме”. It was on Kochani’s dialect where E.’s mother is from, I can’t believe I love him so much that I even started to talk like him. Love.

That was the day I found out that Christine studies stomatology when dad said “there are a lot of girls around him” about her brother.

Wednesday 12.10.2011

Elaine came to my house to transfer and publish photos on Facebook and sat for 2 and a half hours. Elaine was on a diet. Dad wanted me she to meet me with some girls. He said Barbara was going to learn the craft (занајато) with Tim. In what kind of sense?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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5 Responses to 08.10.2011 – 12.10.2011

  1. makagutu says:

    The things you do and write are hilarious to say the least

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