Saturday 01.10.2011

It was 1st of October.

In the morning M. came to my house and brought me food –pastry from grandma. He asked me if I had Internet, I hadn’t. He checked. Why didn’t he believe me? He said that mum should have called earlier to the help center, but I told my mum I want to rest at least for one Friday, so she obeyed me. M. said if he had known he wouldn’t have come. After two or three tries, mum was told they the Internet will be turned on during the day. M. got angry and said there’s no need to come later (“we’re crying for him”). He left.

Dad convinced me I to take a walk with him. While coming back, I heard a motorbike and I kept my eyes opened with the possibility that E. could have been on it. When he passed us, I saw it was him. We didn’t even share a sight.

sept_feature_02_cIn the evening I opened Ashley’s profile to write “Happy birthday”. I went to her photos and I opened Irene’s profile, as she was tagged, to see if we’re still friends. “43 mutual friends” was the thing I saw. She deleted me. The reason? She stopped talking to me after I (you probably don’t expect this from me) told her I allowed Mary to hug me, not her because she (Mary) was richer. The thing was I couldn’t resist not to say “When Mary hugs me, I don’t run away.” after she hugged me. “Why?” she asked. I was thinking what to say and I said “No, you’ll get offended”. “Tell me” – she begged me. “She’s on a higher lever” – I answered. “Why?” Others ask me “why”, I am not the only one who says “why”. At that moment it occurred to me that Mary knows more in school, yet she was the best student from our class, but I have already told Irene 2 times about her not or little studying, so it would have been boring if I said it for the 3rd time, then I said “She’s more proven”, more affirmed. Again “Why?” Why the hell certain people ask “why” that often? Simply, because they are not intelligent enough to think of the reason or to say some different word from “why”. “She’s richer.” My third option to answer that “why” question was “She’s prettier”. But this is offensive too, so I tried to make it less offensive. She walked out of me and the next days I realized she’s mad at me. What reason do people suffer from when they try to do something good? From now I should only try saying the truth in face. In fact I have no idea how rich Irene is, but I know she is rich enough as she moves in Slovenia next year, just that was the first thing that came to my mind excluding “knows more” and “prettier”. In fact Mary is smooth trough her entire body. Should I got offended when Irene said that the boy who sat next to Derek was cute? It’s just natural to love to be with beautiful creatures, I’ve read it appears since the babies. And one day when they discussed sex, she called me: “Come, maybe you know more.” Why the others want to know so much about “me and sex”? I don’t have sex, I don’t want to before I get married… what else? I know about sex.


That Saturday evening, it wasn’t all the same to me, but I thought “Big deal if she deleted me from Facebook” and I was thinking if I should block her.

I watched “Sex and the city”.


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