24.09.2011 – 27.09.2011

Saturday 24.09.2011

Sarah (c.) left.


Sunday 25.09.2011

We went to our vineyard.


Monday 26.09.2011

Finally I was asked economy. I shivered. The professor said I shouldn’t be afraid of her. “What am I?”


Tuesday 27.09.2011

Melanie and Ethan kept developing their friendship. I went to buy food with Mary. Stella saw us. I came back later in the classroom and what was I seeing? My bag was moved to the next chair (Andrea. was absent). When I saw Monique it became clear to me that we were having business with another class. “I will sit here. May I?” It would have been rude, if on a question asked like this I had answered “No”. But WHO gives the right to some student to move my school bag while I’m gone, to ABUSE my absence and to sit where she wants? Were people always that rude? And I’m not writing about Monique but for S. (you know, it is not worthy). What if I was a girl? Would I have created enough high reputation to avoid that event?3681_bake_rolls_salt

This was the day when I went to buy food with Mary. We ate Bake Rolls. (In fact maybe she took Bruschette Maretti.) Hers were from salt, mine with tomatoes and olives. We ate on the stairs.

Our forth lesson was sport. Before it, I along with a few female students stayed in the classroom to write English homework from the downloaded workbook with key. I wrote the first and as I was heading to the school where the gym is, the computer studies’ professor closed and locked the door. How could he miss me? Lucky for me, after I knocked on the door, a student said “Professor… there is … (I don’t remember) pointing at me. The professor walked at the office, but the kid unlocked the door. “What year are you?” – He asked.

–Senior – I replied.



Later, he said “You’ll give a beer sometime”. I said “I will give.” Those are moments when I feel inferior. “Sometime” was the key word. I repeated it to myself. “Sometime”. The student didn’t do anything bad, he just wanted returning the favor. And if a beer separates us from a friendship, then why not… Unfortunately I didn’t remember his face. I was wondering how Sarah and the others entered later when I saw them. My deduction was it happened because of Sarah’s high position. What I didn’t remember was if it wasn’t me they would all hang outside. I didn’t tell the event home.


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