16.09.2011 – 22.09.2011

Friday 16.09.2011

I felt sick on the sport lesson. We ran for 600 metres and I had to hurry with all my last forces to keep my third place. I succeeded, Kathy was 4th. The professor was really worried about me, yet we know the best about ourselves. Right?

running woman


Saturday 17.09.2011

I saw the Devil.


Sunday 18.09.2011

I found out that E.’s mother has a job in confection. Madeline told her “I’d rather eat once daily than work in confection.” – Mum told me. Peter got fired.


Monday 19.09.2011

Saw him again. The doctor came.


Tuesday 20.09.2011

I learned he found a job. “In the pipes”. We lost economy (lesson), so we went home earlier. I lend 15 denars to Barbara for taxi, she to come with us.


Wednesday 21.09.2011

I didn’t go to Lesnovo.


Thursday 22.09.2011

I had the first speaking contact with E. this school year. He asked me if I had English homework. I hadn’t. I didn’t write because my pencil wasn’t sharpened.

Barbara didn’t return me the money. Apparently (a total lie) she gave the money to her brother and he didn’t bring me. Imagine, she asked me “Did George bring you the money?” I must be a fool to believe in that version. Why didn’t she ask him? No excuse is accepted, she had time. She said she will bring it.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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