School starts

Thursday 01.09.2011

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first school day this school year. I wasn’t impressed, neither by me, neither by the others. OK, when we entered the classroom there was dispute about who should sit next to me. Andrea did. We had four lessons. Adele seems strict. Nobody asked me how many books have I read during the summer. What is it? Do we become distanced as we grow up or everyone yields to fun and leaves the books for the school year?

I read one only. Francis asked me if I went on a holiday. From the boys, only Darryl asked me if I had a pen. I hadn’t  Vince took mine with himself. Andy asked me wound we have more lessons. So, my hopes obviously fell into water as I realized that the other boys generally have contact with me for homework.

Friday 02.09.2011

Choosing the president. On the day before Darryl and Francis were the suggested candidates. Frances won (maybe 12:2), but she refused the presidency as it was a responsibility to fight for grades on the council. We did a revoting. Only 1 gave a vote for Mary (me), Darryl had 4 and Virginia won with 14 pieces of paper stating her name. Later Vince asked me if I wanted to be cashier, I refused. I was not his first choice, (he did it just because Darryl wanted an equality between both genders) and yet, I want to use the breaks for studying, not for begging the classmates to pay to me. Barbara convinced me to sit with her. We went out to buy food. Sarah talked to me at least three times about my moving. We had the first philosophy lesson. The professor was pretty talkable. Mary, Sarah and Virginia attached themselves in addition with the professor. She said stand up when sb wanted to talk to stand up. I didn’t say a word. I spotted that Denise was looking at me. I acted without fear. So what? I don’t say every thought that comes in my mind. Once (back in the first year), on this subject, I asked Mary and Sarah what would happen if everyone said his/her opinion? Guess what she told me. She said “Does Barbara have an opinion?” So what if she hasn’t? Does that give you a right to say sth after the professor explains it? This isn’t a coffee chat. There IS (or isn’t in this case) authority. (She gets money for it.) Yes, someone beyond you. I believe they do it for their affirmation. If I don’t say anything that doesn’t mean I don’t know. That’s not my turn for answering. Anyway, while waiting for taxi, Mary asked me if I believe in God. You know the answer. “Do you have a proof?” “No”, I answered. No? That was a lie. I have proof for me. God helped me a lot. I can’t say that’s a coincidence. In fact it wouldn’t have been wrong if I had said “Me, the love, everything that you see”.

Monday 12.09.11

I saw the Devil at 14:21 and at 18:31. I was confused. He was or he wasn’t in Italy?

Tuesday 13.09.2011

He passed in the evening at 21:27. I saw him through the door. He turned himself on his right. He maybe saw me.


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