Devil… Italy… Confusion…

Sunday 21.08.2011

No sign of him.


Monday 22.08.2011

Without him.


Thursday 25.08.2011

I saw him briefly when he went “downtown”.


Friday 26.08.2011

Dad said Mary waved him from the car when they left. I heard she’s leaving to Italy. Probably the Devil was in that car too.


Saturday 27.08.2011

I saw Christine with a friend. But how? So she didn’t leave. Later the Devil passed. I wasn’t sure if it was him, I ran into the room to see him from the window, it was him. I love him.


Tuesday  30.08.2011

I saw his face with my mum. We were walking to the garden. Mum said sth to Samantha, I smiled and as I was moving my head from the right side to the front, I saw him. I think our glances met. I couldn’t look at him anymore. We passed each other like strangers. Why? Is it my fault? I heard him speaking to a kid that he was gonna spank his butt. That was the first time I heard him saying “butt”. I wonder what his reaction would be like if the kid was a girl.


Wednesday 31.08.2011

depositphotos_4873095-School-equipmentI barely convinced mum, we to go shopping for school equipment from Bruce. Victoria, E.’s mother went there too. After she got out (mum and I were outside looking the school bags) I told her “Good afternoon”, although it was after 7 p.m.. Mum and her talked for a while. Mum about me (the reason we’re buying new bag), Victoria about her son (his good bag). Mum was satisfied with me about that event.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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