Saturday 20.08.2011

Love is an incredible thing. It’s a proof that God exists. You can feel it, you can be happy. Grandma Rose was making yufka at Daphne’s place. I and mum went to visit them, but I was hiding, didn’t want to go in the yard. Benjamin (Daphne’s son) asked me “What program do you need to burn me on a CD? Mine isn’t good.” Program? I have over 150 programs in my computer. Is the name of each one of them the correct? He meant an anti-virus program. I didn’t answer.computerstatusprotected_web Daphne’s son-in-law called me to come there. Later called me again. It’s good to see that people don’t only care about themselves. However grandma Rose told me he said: Take measures, take him to doctor” (about me). To doctor? Just a personal opinion. Who knows? Maybe I hate `em. Only God can punish me about that, right?

There are people I love like the Devil, E., his mother. I’m able to cry for them, they just don’t know I love them. The key of crying is LOVE. To be able to cry, we must love sb/sth. What do you think why am I afraid to open myself in front of the others? I’ve got two reasons here, too. Being gay and making speaking mistakes.

I was thinking I didn’t see the Devil today. I assumed he is in Italy. I told Sarah (c.) and she explained me it’s too early (she heard Mary didn’t leave). We went to grandma’s house and… and I saw him through the window. I called Sarah. She came, saw him and said to me: “He is raising his dick”. “What?” – I asked. “He’s touching his underwear.” She almost demonstrated me. He thought no one watched him.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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