Sunday 14.08.2011

I saw him in the morning.


Monday 15.08.2011

I saw him twice. The first time in the morning, he was returning, I was downstairs as we were whitening the walls upstairs.The second time, I saw him from grandma Debra’s window he was coming from “downtown”. I didn’t hide. I obeyed him. I think he saw me, but he didn’t even look at me, just when he passed in front of me. Maybe it’s better for me to hide, at least he will speak to me. How can I connect with him differently?


Tuesday 16.08.2011

Saw him around 17:10 and half an hour later when he returned.


Wednesday 17.08.2011

He passed in the second half of the day.


Thursday 18.08.2011

It was 19:19 when I spotted him through the window. He was returning.

Today I finally finished reading “Waiting for Godot”. I’m planning to reduce my “TV schedule” for more than 50% starting from September  compared to February this year. I want to focus on school as this is my last school year. I want to give everything from myself achieving it. We are going to have 11 subjects (one less than the previous year) and several new teachers. I have to prove myself. I will try to study more in the afternoon and the evening, less in the following morning. However there are 2 major problems:

a)      The Internet (again)

b)      The TV series

The Internet is problematic, not just because of me (I could cut the time to only the most important things), but M., Barbara and Elaine – My “Facebook” users.

The TV series I’ll desperately wait to finish.



Friday 19.08.2011

A day without the Devil.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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