Moving on

Today. All new: Why did the Devil moved to Zlox? Who got engaged? Did I escape the going out?

Surprise. Like it flashed out of the sky. After going to market, grandma went to Whitney’s house. When she returned, she told me Mary was getting engaged that evening and getting married. I was confused. M said before “They already got engaged”. Grandma explained me they are going to take her to Kastonitz. They would make wedding the next day. I learned that the reason for moving to Zlox was closing the mine Sasa. I think the Devil’s dad’s name is Ian. He takes 20 000 denars pension. Sheila worked in a shop. I was afraid to mention the Devil. I found out that the Devil and his girlfriend are going to Italy too. At an occasion grandma told me “You know the one who passes… …his girlfriend is one from ‘downtown’.” I said “I know her”. How wouldn’t I know her? At a point of my life I related the word “menstruation” with her, when she was 6th grade and she went to ballet. Anyway sometime the late afternoon I and mum went to watch the celebration. Live music (as they say, I don’t prefer it, but sure it wasn’t an orchestra) in the yard and partying. Mum asked a neighbour (Travis) “Who’s that?”, he said “It’s her brother. Greg.” I thought “He (the Devil) must say ‘Hello’ to him, when he knows his name”.


M. came at our place and supposed that Mary went to Italy with her boyfriend, not with her friend as they say. He said “Everyone got married. Wherever I touch, there’s fire.”

Before the in-laws left, they danced oro in the yard. It was almost dark so there was a moment after me and mum approached next to the fence, the camera was lighting and the Devil was just from the left of me. It was a perfect moment for a shot. It is incredible how light can make things different. I think I and the Devil were caught together (Ethan’s word) in a shot from the camera. The bride was wearing a black costume.We even went after the in-laws to send them to Kastonitz.

I refused to go out with Greg turning the lights off.

It is incredible how the things are moving on when you aren’t there.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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