Best period of your life

Oh my God. I wish I was a little kid. Zack’s “C’mon… did you apply a team?” to my neighbors Ian and Nick just reminded me I should write about past. Not that I wanted to play football, it’s the way the question was asked. The intonation.

Recently mum ended a sentence with “when you were a child”. It was supposed to be when you were little. Why am I not treated like a kid? I want to be a kid. I’m still a kid. OK. Maybe not. It is generally known that after the age of 18 the person becomes an adult. Logically a human below 18 is a child. However, in 5th grade our biology teacher Sylvia said “Now you are big kids”. Maybe according to her after that phase were teenagers. In our “Introduction in law” student’s book is said that people from 14 to 16 are considered as younger minors and from 16 to 18 as older minors, when it comes to business ability. So, if we rely on that childhood ends at 13. What about those countries where people become adults at 21? When does really the childhood end? When do you stop to consider yourself as child?

In my opinion childhood is definitely the best period of human’s life. Most people I’m surrounded by say that that the high school years are the best years of life. Are they really? You have a really big freedom, but you are aware of almost everything. Contrary, when a child constantly explores the “world” around himself/herself: “Do the day and night change instantly? Are there more suns because everywhere we go we see one at a different position? How does the world turns when the stairs are always at the right side? Do spiders fly? How come the professors don’t know everything? Are the chickens dangerous? Do the grown-ups bath completely naked or with swim suits?”

Perhaps it’s the best if we never know the truth, because if we do we stop being children. Right?

You can truly believe in your dream, you don’t need to act smiles, you can say whatever you want (without thinking of the consequences), you can touch wherever you want (if not forbidden), ask whatever you want, go wherever you want (at your closeness)… Oh yeah, and cry so easily whenever you want. I miss it so much. You think that if someone is some year bigger (not older!) than you, he/she always knows more than you. OK, it is true when we compare a 4 and a 2 year-old children, but 12 and 13? Then you realize everything is up to the intelligence. Let’s add experience and wisdom! Then you are not afraid of those persons whose age is above yours, if you believe in your skills. No fear. No authorities. No such joy when those persons are good with you or buy sth to you. We were much happier believing in magic and creating our imaginary world. What if I get in bed later? What if I put sugar in my yoghurt? What if I show my tongue to strangers? So, yes, we cared about the consequences, but different ones.

The 90s were period of my childhood and they are my favourite decade now. In fact most people say that their favourite decade was the one when they grew up. Once I thought 80s were time of inventions and 90s – using them. Was I correct?

It was much warmer on the streets then, although I didn’t say “Hello” first to anyone. Now everybody with their worries. Just “Hello”-“Hello”, and sometimes the standard questions “How are you/How do you do”, and “What are you doing”? The bunch of questions is only left for the closest friends. Couldn’t we construct friendship again? And can we be really close? So sad!

You could eat everything. Now I hate when my mum says to somebody “… Don’t buy him… Is he little?” Even I use that excuse – Am I little? I’m not little, but to mum seems like it isn’t an excuse. It’s an excuse to me because I don’t want the person to spend money on me If wouldn’t spend to him/her! So what if I am seventeen? I still want chocolate when the doctor comes. I want Tic-Tac. Why the red were so rare?


I’m sitting and thinking that it is better what I realized I want to be a kid now then if I did it when I was 30. Shhh, but partially I can still enjoy in things from the childhood.


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